Hangouts now integrated with Google Voice

Hangouts now integrated with Google Voice

O Hangouts It has been integrating with SMS for a long time, but the last update of the app has brought so much dreamed integration with Google Voice to make phone calls.

google hangouts teaser
Hangouts increasingly complete. / Google

The dialer comes as a separate application, the Hangouts Dialer. However, it only works in conjunction with Hangouts in version 2.3. This update will be released through the Play Store, so it will be released gradually, for those who want to download it manually, just go to the Android Police website.

Once both Hangouts 2.3 and Dialer are installed, they work together as if they were an app s. In addition to including voice calls, the app also has a visual change, making it cleaner but maintaining the identity of Hangouts.

new hangouts
The first two tabs are for Hangouts, the third for Dialer. / ANDROIDPIT

The big change is caused by Hangouts Dialer, with it you can make voice calls. Calls are free within the United States and Canada. Links between Hangouts users are also free. To call other people, you can link a Google Voice account and use VoIP.

new dialer hangouts
Here's the dialer. / ANDROIDPIT

Hangouts Dialer Call
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