Hangouts: All You Need to Know

Hangouts has just been updated with Material Design and has finally gained integration with Google Voice. In addition, a new Hangouts dialer has been added to your list. If you were confused by the changes, read the article below for the latest Hangouts, Hangouts dialer, and Google Voice interaction.

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Everything you need to know about Google Hangouts. ANDROIDPIT

Hangouts now make and receive calls

Google Voice, despite being a great service, has been stagnant for a long time. Its features have gradually migrated to Hangouts, and incoming calls have been supported for some time. The latest update added the ability to make calls, taking away almost all the functionality of Google Voice.

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Google Voice is (almost) dead

Google Voice still exists as a standalone application, but is at risk of extinction. It won't be long before Hangouts completely encompasses it, and it will stop at the graveyard of apps that nobody else uses. Integrating all Google Voice functionality with Hangouts puts this app on a par with Skype, and is ready to compete with Microsoft's service.

International calls are cheap

Once you have the ability to make calls to Hangouts, you might want to consider Skype as an alternative to communicating with friends and family. The service offers very competitive rates for international calls.

AndroidPIT Hangouts Material Design
The new lightweight, green, Material Design-based Hangouts. ANDROIDPIT

Hangouts has a new look

The first thing you'll notice is that Hangouts has the new Material Design, but it still has a very simple interface to use. We now have two active tabs and a side menu. Both tabs are for your contacts and messages: simple as that.

Archiving mode has changed

If you had the same problem as me, accidentally filing conversations, it's over: by sliding your finger you now change tabs. Google has removed the swipe to archive function from the new Hangouts. If you want to archive a conversation, just long click on a Hangouts inbox chat and an arrow box icon will appear. Or you can go to the conversation itself, click on the three point menu and select the archive option.

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Conversation archiving mode has changed. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2 id=You must install Hangouts Dialer

Go to the Play Store and install Hangouts Dialer. You will notice that there is now a third tab in Hangouts: Hangouts Dialer. That's right, the Dialer app is automatically absorbed by the Hangouts app, so there's no need to open them individually.

Hangouts Dialer Call
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Voicemail now arrives in Hangouts

When you miss a call on Google Voice, you will now receive a voicemail notification from Hangouts. It will appear at the top of your Hangouts list as a new message, with a ribbon icon. Open this notification and click the Play button to hear the new message.

US and Canadian calls are free

With the new update, calls to the United States and Canada are free. I don't need to use Google Voice to take advantage of the new offer. It is now a basic function of Hangouts.

Your friends with iPhone have not been forgotten

Google has also upgraded Google Voice for iOS, and its users will also be able to make calls through the app. Hangouts users on your computer will also be able to make and receive calls to and from Android and iOS devices as soon as the feature is available to your connection server.

If you don't want to wait for the Hangouts OTA update on the Play Store, you can download it from the Android Police website.

Do you use Hangouts? Do you think he can compete with Skype?

Article updated on September 12 s 9:45

It looks like Google went back and removed the integration between Hangouts and Google Voice. At least what reports on Google+ the people of DroidLife, which published the following screenshots showing the news release:

Integration with Google Voice has been removed. / Droid Life

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