Hands-on video: this is Sony's software for Android Nougat

Hands-on video: this is Sony's software for Android Nougat

Every company that cares about keeping their devices up to date deserves to be remembered for websites that cover this kind of subject. While many users are behind the Nougat update for Lenovo and Samsung models, Sony came out ahead and delivered the long-awaited update to some of its devices sold in Brazil. The most notable, and first, to receive the new flavor of Android is the Xperia XZ.

Hands-on from other Android Nougat devices:

The Xperia XZ is the first to receive the software, but Sony has a schedule that will meet new devices soon. This article may be useful for you who have an Xperia that is on the list of updates confirmed by Sony, as many similar features will come to other handsets of the brand.

If you want to see if your smartphone is queued to be updated, regardless of brand, please visit the article below:

Sony Xperia XZ Update for Android 7.0 Nougat

Sony is working on the release of some features that are the main changes that the new software brings. We know that much that Nougat offers can not be observed by users, but rather felt, as there are improvements in APIs and different mechanisms that operate under the cap. The main changes are in the following functions:

  • posts: The new messaging app is packed with new features. You can send stickers, hand drawings, audio, images, videos and the location of the user.
  • Battery Optimization: Sony has integrated Mode Twelve with STAMINA in Android Nougat. Users will have some extra settings that will save more energy. The optimization has been so great that the new software alerts the user that image processing is not impaired while STAMINA is enabled, which is the biggest problem of this mode currently on Android Marshmallow.
stamina mode nougat battery
New STAMINA mode / AndroidPIT
  • Multi Window Support: This is the most anticipated new feature by users, especially those who use interfaces that do not support multi-window mode. The name of this self-explanatory feature allows two apps to occupy the same screen space.
  • Home screen with Google Now: This option can be disabled in the Xperia UI settings, but by default Google Now comes as a screen right of the main desktop. Sony says there is greater integration with Google services in this update, but apparently Now on the home screens is the most notable.
multiwindow xperia nougat
Multi Window Mode / AndroidPIT
  • Auto selfie mode: Now users of Sony devices with Nougat will be able to automatically take a selfie with the front camera. To do this, simply do the "number five" with the hand for the software to recognize.
  • New text size: This option does not only decrease, or increase, the size of the text, but changes the resolution and composition to the system interface.
text larg nougat xperia
New text sizes / AndroidPIT

Sony Xperia XZ Update for Android 7.0 Nougat – Hands-On Video

I prepared a video showing this news, and you can watch it below. If you are experiencing player issues, please visit this link to watch the video on Facebook.

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