Hands On "The Bards Tale": My New Favorite Android Game

Hands On "The Bards Tale": My New Favorite Android Game

If you're an 80's kid playing video games, you've probably heard of The Bards Tale. If you're an 80's kid who plays video games and doesn't know The Bards Tale, what a shame! 😀 The Bards Tale is an RPG game that was first released in 1985, and has received critical acclaim for its high quality graphics and great gameplay. The title was so successful that it generated three additional sequences. Now, I'm very happy to announce that this amazing Tegra title has just been officially released for Android. Nvidia gave me the opportunity to test the game and after a few hours I am absolutely delighted to experience such a quality game on a tablet.


As I mentioned earlier, the game was originally released in 1985 and made its debut on the Apple II computer, which was developed by Apple co-founder Steve (The Woz) Wozniak. It was then ported to Commodore 64, Apple IIgs, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS, and Apple Macintosh. The game appeared on the Apple App Store in December 2011 (currently holding a 5-star rating), with inXile Entertainment's development team announcing it as the # 1 RPG in 73 countries, including the US, UK, Australia. , Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan and China.


If you happen to own a Tegra device, you will be in the clouds. The Bards Tale sounds familiar if you're used to games like Dungeons & Dragons, it has some really beautiful graphics, especially for a mobile device. Now remember: When downloading the game, you have the option to download low resolution or high resolution graphics. Low resolution download between 1.5 – 1.8 GB and high resolution download 3.5 GB. So make sure you have some space!

The characters in the game are very detailed and, in less than 1 minute of play, I was greeted by an NPC character who did not hesitate to show his "details" to convince me to perform a task. The rooms / worlds are very rich in detail too, everything from the stone walls, the scratched wood floors, the trees and the grass are well regarded in the game. It's a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere and I'm having tons of fun so far.

The game is played from a slanted area view and when you are having a conversation with some, the scales go down to eye level. I soon felt comfortable with this angle of view and had no problem adjusting to it.

Here are some screenshots I took of the game with my Transformer Prime:


I have to admit that I was very pleased with how easy it is to move my character and interact with the environment. At the bottom left of the screen is a directional pad that keeps movement limited to a circle around it (large system). In the bottom right corner you can see the button that allows you to handle your sword along with a defensive button. There is also a separate above directional button that allows you to summon spells and play your magic harp. They are all together in a way that makes things very easy to organize, I had no problem with the inversion between weapons or items. There are tutorials to show you how you can fight and get equipment, which helps you understand the game's mechanisms before you start.

You can interact with the people in the game simply by walking alongside them, which triggers a prompt screen that you can press to interact. You have the option of responding in a gentle or average way to people (hint: the flirting girl at first prefers a man who talks a little rough with her) and you can freely loot objects from dead characters. You can also break barrels and interact with the environment. For example, within 20 minutes I already had a dog as a companion that alerted me to nearby enemies and buried treasures:


If you are looking for a game with an incredible dialogue, you have just found it. The sounds, the drunks in the corner of the bar, the flirting women, the fighting sounds, and others are extremely pleasing to the ear. The game audio in no secondary moment, very good to see a game in which the real effort was put into the voice and audio. The sound complements the impressive atmosphere even more and made the game a real treat to play while lying in my bed with my headphones. There are so many moments that literally made me roll with laughter, I can imagine why the iOS version has been touted as being one of the funniest mobile games ever made.


The Bards Tale an RPG with a hint of Dungeons & Dragons, a great story and a lot of things to do. You play as a Bard and basically move around the world performing missions for people in need. What's your mission? To put it bluntly, money and women (your character has something with her breasts). Good news that there are many ways to do both!

You can fight with your hands, with swords and other weapons, you can summon beings with your magic harp to help you fight (I like the lightning spider), and you can always improve your character's abilities when leveling up. By completing these tasks your character will be rewarded with stolen items, money and can spend the night with the damsel in distress who hired him for the job.

The level system basically allows you to improve attributes like strength, vitality, luck, and others, so you have the chance to adjust them whenever you reach a new level. You can of course also buy items from an online store, which will help you with different tasks throughout your adventure. The game features an automatic save feature and you also find save points throughout the game. I'm only playing a few hours, but the developers claim that it only takes about 20 to 30 hours to complete the game (I hope so for a 3.5GB download!):


After playing a few hours on my powerful Transformer Prime Tegra 3, I can say that the performance is very stable. I had no crashes or freezes and the only problem I faced was an occasional drop in framerate photo display frequency of one to two seconds. But it has been so rare that I can barely call it a problem.

Additional Features and Sequence

As you can see on the game titles page, there are social media options for FB and Twitter, video content, game options (for sound, performance, etc.), and even a page that allows you to play the game. 1985 (with the following sequences):


The Bards Tale proof that high quality has come to Android games. Great graphics, incredible history, high-quality sound and dialogue, and a lot of adventure make this title my new favorite mobile game (I'm crazy about RPG) easily, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. When I'm not messing with Skyrim on my Xbox, I'm glad to play The Bards Tale. I can't applaud inXile Entertainment and Nvidia enough for the work they have done on this amazing title.

You can buy The Bards Tale from the Google Play Store for $ 5.99 / $ 12 (trust me, it's worth it) here, and more details about the game can be found at the Nvidia Tegra Zone here.

More titles like this PLEASE!

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