Hand of Thief: A $ 2,000 Trojan Horse Virus

Linux now has its banking virus

Virus on Linux something rarer than Kinder Egg in my houseBut it seems that now we have finally reached a user range large enough to make the virus child interesting to the system.


As a matter of course, the virus was bred in Russia and is a trojan, and according to the news source it has been successfully tested on major Linux distros, including Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

A bank triplet horse as a keylogger designed to detect string patterns. Steal cookies, collect browser data, even using HTTPS, and block infected machines from accessing websites that offer security updates.

What has not been clarified is how the virus works, but according to the news it can be found in pirate forums for sale for the trifle of $ 2,000.

Does it take or have to enter the password to work?


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