Halide's Smart RAW feature arrives at iPhone XS; Spark, Pocket, Dropbox and Facebook also get news!

Another batch of popular apps recently gained interesting updates on App store. Let's see next!


One of iOS's most celebrated third-party camera apps, the Halide received an update that brings to the iPhones XS and XS Max the feature Smart RAW which we already talked about in this article.

Halide Camera app icon

Basically speaking, the Smart RAW nothing more than a tool built by the app's developers that enables new iPhones to make more raw RAW captures; In this case, this happens by turning off the devices' native Smart HDR feature, replacing it with a proprietary algorithm that, according to the creators, is more true to reality.

In addition to the new tool, Halide version 1.10 also has a feature that lets you compare the pictures taken with the Smart RAW with standard iPhone JPEGs; The watchOS app has also received updates to the Apple Watch Series 4 screens.

All of this can be purchased from the App Store for $ 20.


The iOS version of the popular email client Spark also received a good update opening the new ones Siri Shortcuts.

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

There are three commands supported by the app that you can activate with the digital assistant on iPhone or iPad: you can ask Siri to open any folder in one of your accounts (for example, “Open Spark-tagged emails”); search for messages from specific senders (“Find Airbnb emails on Spark”); or jump straight to the compose screen (“Create new email in Spark”).

Nevertheless, Spark for iOS is not yet integrated with the Shortcuts app ie you cannot add the app to your own custom automation recipes. Anyway, the preprogrammed commands are already a hand on the wheel.

Spark can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


Who also gained news was the Pocket, one of the best read-after services we have today.

Pocket app icon

Pocket 7.0 for iOS and Android Brings New Features Listen, which converts saved texts to audio so that you can listen to content at times when reading is not possible. Now based on Amazon's Polly technology, which provides much more natural readings and works with any content saved in the app before, only selected articles and texts could be converted to audio. The tool is also much more accessible by simply tapping the icon with the headphones on any text to gain access to it.

In addition, the update brings some visual upgrades to provide maximum focus on the content; We have new fonts and a Dark Mode that works throughout the app, not just in reading space. Pocket can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


One of the world's leading cloud services, Dropbox has gained a very important feature for those who store image documents on their servers: a search engine that supports OCR.

Dropbox app icon


in Dropbox

Version 170.2 (254.5 MB) Requires the iOS 11.1 or superior

Thus, when searching for a keyword in your documents saved in Dropbox, the service recognizes and scans text from PDFs and images in popular formats (PNG, JPEG) to look for matches in those files as well; Previously, text files such as Word or Pages were displayed. Now the tool becomes much smarter and useful!

There is a detail, however: the feature is only available to paying platform users. At first, it works only with service subscribers Dropbox Business, for businesses; In the coming months, owners of standard signatures for individuals will also receive it. Who uses the free version of Dropbox, at least for now, stay out.

Dropbox for iOS can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


Finally, the world's largest social networking app was updated to win a feature announced a few months ago at the F8 conference. O Facebook is bringing to the masses its own tool of 3D photos, which creates a motion effect on your images.

Facebook app icon

The unique feature for Portrait Mode photos of dual-camera iPhones (we don't know yet if it works with iPhone XR); It works by “separating” the main object from the image of your background and creating an effect where the movement of the device creates a sense of depth, as if you were seeing a 3D image. You can see the 3D images in feed from Facebook or on virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift.

Updating the app brings the ability to view 3D photos for all users; their creation, in turn, will be released gradually over the next few weeks. Facebook, as usual, can be downloaded for free from the App Store.