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Halide gains support for iPhones 11 and 11 Pro news [Max]; Spotify, Ulysses, and others are updated

And we are again with the most important recent updates from the App store! Are we going to them?


The popular camera app for iPhones has introduced support for the newest handsets from Ma's line of smartphones.

Halide Camera app icon

To take advantage of the iPhones 11 Pro's triple camera, the app's development team added a new “tactile” lens selector, which uses the Haptic Touch (or long press, however you like) To switch between cameras after getting used to the gesture, you can “jump” between them without even looking at the screen.

Halide's new lens selectorHalide's new lens selector

The 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhones have another unique feature called Lens Guides. With it, you can see on screen exactly what will be cropped (and enlarged) in an image with each lens present on the device. All handsets in the new line have also gained their own version of the Smart RAW (which are not available on the ultra-wide lens, for reasons explained here) and the ability to capture images at depth on the wide-angle lens.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert 7 app icon: Edit PDF

Meanwhile, iOS's best-known PDF utility has gained an update dedicated to iOS 13: we now have integration with the system's Dark Mode application. framework PencilKit for even more integrated and realistic use of Apple Pencil, support for faster editing multiple windows and productivity gestures on iPadOS to get you up and running faster.


Ulysses app icon

Ulysses app icon

The “writing environment” was yet another to gain an iOS 13-focused update. The app adapts to the system's Dark Mode, adds update-style icons, supports opening multiple windows and fully integrates with the new Shortcuts app. , for setting up recipes and tricks that will save you time.

In addition, we support files in Dropbox folders or external drives, and the addition of contextual library and sheet list menus. On iPadOS, we still have a quick edit mode of its own.

Ulysses for macOS has also come with new features such as Dropbox's ability to sync app sheets and Voice Control compatibility.


Spotify app icon - Music & Podcasts

With the latest app update, users can make playlists podcasts, or even add episodes to playlists, thus creating an ideal multimedia experience to give play and forget about life.

There is no mystery to it: just select the episode you want, tap the three dots icon and add it playlist as you wish.


IFood - Food Delivery app icon

One more that got on the iOS 13 tram: As of iFood version 9.21, users can use the “Sign in with Apple” option (“Sign in with Apple”) to sign in to the app.