Halide app will allow you to use iPhone XR Portrait Mode on objects and animals [atualizado: saiu!]

When the iPhone XR was announced last month we found that not all features offered by the XS and XS Max models are available in gadget more affordable. Basically, the “missing” features are related to the rear camera of the device, which only captures images of people in Portrait Mode and has effect limitations in Portrait Lighting Mode.

As we commented, the iPhone XR has a single camera instead of a dual system on the back responsible for creating the effect. bokeh of images in Portrait Mode. Nevertheless, as the processor of the model flagship, Apple used machine learning so that the iPhone XR could capture images with these effects.

Still, we know that the potential of iPhone cameras is sometimes not used to its full extent. In this sense, one of the application developers Halide Reddit announced that it is possible to use iPhone XR Portrait Mode on objects and animals through the famous application.

We found: depth data on the iPhone XR. Many of you have asked if you can take Portrait Mode photos of your pets on iPhone XR and it seems that with Halide you will be able to. Stay tuned for more!

According to the developer, some tweaking is required for the app to be able to capture “many things” images from iPhone XR Portrait Mode. For now, certain settings still do not work if there is not enough variation in the relative distance of objects, but the results so far have been positive.

In any case, this means that third-party camera apps available on the App Store will allow iPhone XR owners to record images of various objects and animals with basically the same effect created by the iOS camera app. Halide developers also said that the depth map of the iPhone XR "much lower" than that seen on the iPhone XS, but "looks usable."

Halide is currently not fully compatible with the iPhone XR, but the developers said a compatibility update is coming soon. The app is available on the App Store for $ 20.

Cool, isn't it? 😀

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Update 10/30/2018 s 09:30

This is what we call agility: the Halide update that expands the use of iPhone XR Portrait Mode is now available!

To enjoy the new feature, just tap Depth to enable depth mode; when enabled, a portrait mode blur effect will be applied and you can view it only after you have taken the picture ( there Google Pixel) You can adjust the effect from the iOS Photos app.

In addition, iPhone XR users will also benefit from the Smart RAW, released to the iPhone XS. For those who do not have the new gadget From Ma, developers include other enhancements and fixes in this update, which is already available on the App Store.

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