Anatel approves Magic Mouse; availability of peripheral and new iMacs now depends on Apple

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(This post is not productive: anyone who is out of time can ignore it. I just want to share some thoughts)

Insert batteries here. ^Insert batteries here. ^

Today's news may have been unfairly lacking in Stevenote full of “Incredible! Fantastic! Wonderful! ” and other adjectives, but they were certainly full of "Wow!" on the c side of the keyboard. Of all, the ones I most expected were Apple's wireless mouse and keyboard renewals. And both disappointed me: one, because it took a leap forward, but with a foot chained in the past; the other, because it simply did not exist.

The Magic Mouse, everyone has to agree, a great chance for Apple to redeem itself from #epicFAIL that was the M ***** Mouse: very little ergonomic and equipped with a iTorture camouflaged with a scroll ball, it was anything but practical and easy to use. How many mice like this have you seen die after a while of use?

Well, Ma finally put an end to a damn ball and made the mouse thinner, which may favor the user's comfort. Better yet: the multi-touch surface on the back of the “rodent without a tail” now allows gestures to be made! But a question: why are there only two fingers? Why not transfer the functions of the MacBook trackpads straight to the mouse? Come and go, scroll with one finger on the mouse and two on the incoherent notebook: – /

But I emphasize that. What I don't think rationalAt this point in the championship, a wireless mouse uses AA batteries! Steve, don't you want to be green? How about stacks of used batteries that will be born and grow because of that? Nothing green. "Ah, but you can use the refills!", You can say. I say that a _porre_ use batteries of this type with peripherals. Yes, because they take time to recharge and lose out quickly when they are stored. Result: you are left without a mouse while a pair of AAs are in the socket, as the ones you had left in reserve lost their charge while waiting. It kills anyone with anger.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

And the keyboard? It continues with the same crude need. No more batteries, no work: you have to wait to recharge or throw the old ones in the lap of Me Terra and buy new ones at the bakery. For I propose a radical change (in fact, two). How about killing the mouse for good (nothing personal, Magic) and putting a multi-touch trackpad (really, like MacBooks) in place of the numeric keypad? I love my numeric keypad, but I would love even more to be able to use a peripheral just to control my Mac. And, for God's sake, Jobs, _enfia_ a super rechargeable lithium battery in those two! Do you know what happens when one of these discharges? You connect a cable to the peripheral and, while using it, in a short time you have 80% of the charge; a little more and boom!, reloaded. Even Sony has already done this with the Sixaxis / DualShock 3 and that's it: it didn't even die because of it.

But, no! Only for Apple to say that _never_ uses wires, we are obliged to still consume AA batteries, which are out there, polluting the world since God-knows-when and leaving us in the most critical hours as only Murphy knows how to do #prontofalei. Now your turn: what did you think of using AA batteries in the Magic Mouse? And the idea of ​​a keyboard with a trackpad, do you like it? Comment will!