Hackers turn Amazon Echo into live microphone to hear ambient audio

Hackers figured out how to turn the Amazon Echo on a microphone that broadcasts live the sound captured by the gadget. According to the website Wired, hacking can only be done physically via a protocol on an SD card. Also, Amazon Echo's function change only works on devices manufactured before 2017, devices of the new version are safe from the hack.

Basically, criminals can listen to everything that happens at the victim's home through Amazon Echo, at least the audio that is captured by the device in a particular area. Even if Amazon Echo is "suspended", it still streams live audio without the user using the "wake up" command.

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"Customer trust is very important to us," Amazon said in a statement. "We recommend that customers purchase Amazon devices directly from the Amazon store or from an authorized reseller to keep the software up to date."

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The 2017 model is immune to hacking because it prevents an SD card from being used as a SPI peripheral – protocol that allows microcontroller communication with other devices. Analysts say more than 7 million Amazon Echo units have been sold so far.