Hackers invade Twitter accounts of FC Barcelona and the Olympic Games to prove security breaches

The official Twitter accounts of the Olympic Games and the football club FC Barcelona were hacked by the hacking group OurMine. In already deleted publications, computer offenders have left the message Everything is able to be hacked, also recommending their cybersecurity services.

Tweet published by the hacking group OurMine credits: @ManUtd_HQ (Twitter)

In the case of FC Barcelona's Twitter, the hackers decided to announce that they had read private messages from the football club, which indicated that Neymar would return to the club. Later, the team confirmed that it had been hacked, and tweets made on its behalf were made through an external application.

Tweets posted by the hacking group OurMine Credits: @ManUtd_HQ (Twitter)

The Spanish club says it will carry out a cybersecurity audit to avoid similar incidents. The International Olympic Committee has confirmed, in a press release, that the security of its Twitter account has been compromised and that it is already investigating what happened.

In statements to Business Insider, the OurMine group confirmed that it is behind the attacks. Hackers indicated that they choose their targets randomly, using external applications to access victims' accounts.

Remember that the group of hackers from Saudi Arabia known for hacking into the accounts of big names in technology, such as Mark Zuckerberg or Sundar Pichai, or platforms like Netflix. The hackers claim that their actions are not aimed at extorting information or installing malware, but rather to demonstrate the security vulnerabilities that exist in the accounts and prove that these platforms are not properly protected against cyber attacks.

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