Hacker who tried to blackmail Apple is sentenced to two years in prison

Hacker who tried to blackmail Apple is sentenced to two years in prison

THE UK National Crime Agency (National Crime Agency) released a press release saying that after the investigation, a hacker who attempted to blackmail Apple was sentenced to prison. The information is from Business insider.

Kerem Albayrak, 22, said he had access to a wealth of account information stored on iCloud and planned to take advantage of it. Initially he demanded $ 75,000 in cryptocurrencies or 1,000 $ 100 iTunes Gift Cards from Ma to get rid of the data.

If your request was not fulfilled, the hacker threatened to reset 319 million iCloud accounts, also providing all information online.

The case

It all started March 12, 2017, when he emailed Apple's security team claiming to have details of the iCloud accounts he planned to sell online; a week later, he filmed himself accessing two seemingly random iCloud accounts. He then posted the video on YouTube and sent it all to Ma's security team and some media outlets. Two days later, he increased the reward request to $ 100,000.

Apple then contacted US and UK security agencies with the NCA leading the investigation in the European country.

On March 28, 2017, NCA National Cyber ​​Crime Police officers arrested Albayrak at his home (North London); With it, several devices were seized, including phone, computers and HDDs.

NCA investigators also found telephone records showing that Albayrak was the spokesman for a self-styled group of hackers. “Turkish Crime Family”.

According to the agency, there were no signs that iCloud account data was even compromised. Apparently the information stored by Albayrak was actually from previously leaked / hacked third party services, which were inactive.

The sentence

On December 2, 2019, Albayrak declared himself guilty. Last Friday (12/20) he was sentenced to two years in prison, 300 hours of unpaid work and the one curfew (electronically monitored) from six months.

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