Hacked Instagram: all you need to know

As one of the largest social networks in the world, Instagram has millions of users who post images, videos and use its communication channel – Instagram Direct – to chat with followers, friends and family. Taking all of this into consideration, it is not surprising that many are afraid of having their Instagram hacked.

Especially for a business profile, where people are already using Instagram Shopping, getting hacked can be a huge problem with serious consequences. So today we are going to talk about how to avoid having your Instagram hacked, how to find out if it was, and what to do about it. Let's go?

How to find out if you got hacked

Well, whenever we talk about these very common subjects people start asking themselves, “Am I hacked?” After all, it's not always so explicit, because a hacker may just be collecting information from your accounts, such as comments, messages sent and received. Direct, without performing any direct actions.

But don't be paranoid, chances are you haven't been hacked and it's easy to verify anyway. First, there are three clearer signs that you had your Instagram hacked, these are:

  • There are new posts to your profile that you didn't make;
  • Your profile has followed several new users without you having done so;
  • You are unable to access your account even though you are absolutely sure that your login and password are correct;
  • You received an email from Instagram talking about password changes or other settings you did not make;

If any of these three cases are familiar, it may well have been hacked. However, for the first two situations, you may only have forgotten your open profile on a public computer or on a friend's smartphone, for example.

In that case, before jumping to conclusions, checkwhere your Instagram is logged in.

Hacked Instagram

How to know where your Instagram is connected

To find out which devices your social network profile is open on, the procedure is not complicated, and it helps to identify if you had Instagram hacked. Follow the step by step.

Step 1: First, log in to your profile and tap the icon

Step 2: Then tap “Edit Profile”, the two steps are indicated in the image below.

Accessing your profile

Step 3: In this screen, select the option “Login Activity”

Step 4: Here you will identify the most recent logins, as well as in which locations and devices there is an open Instagram session, displayed in the “Where you are logged in” area, also shown in the image.

Identifying Instagram hits

Step 5: If you spot unauthorized access in the "Where you are logged in" list, just click it and then click "Sign Out" or "Sign Out."

That way, it's easy to find out if there's any unrecognized access, like in another city or even country you've never been to. If you spot something like this, it is a clear warning that you had Instagram hacked.

What to do if hacked?

If you get hacked, it does not necessarily mean that it will be impossible to reverse the situation and recover your account. Depending on whether or not you have access to your account, there are two ways to handle the situation. But anyway, it's important that you act fast.

If you have access, do the following:

First, if youcan access your account Normally, but identified an improper access session, you can quickly change your password on Instagram. This can be done by making a change directly to your account via this link or by requesting an email with a new password via this link.

After you do this, be sure to enable two-factor authentication as well. This means that whenever you need to log in, you will need your password, a confirmation sent as an SMS message to your phone, or a login code processed through an authentication app, such as Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator.

If you do not have access, this is the procedure:

If your account cannot be entered and you cannot regain access, you will need to perform a slightly different procedure. Here, you should go to this official Instagram page and follow the walkthrough to report your account to the social network.

So even if you had Instagram hacked, the support team itself can help you deal with the situation. However, it is important to mention that this process may take some time, as it will be necessary to confirm your identity by sending a photo holding a paper with the code that Instagram sends you.

Even so, after verification has been validated, you should be able to get back access to your account, and at that time, remember to change your password and enable two-factor verification, as we mentioned above.

Protect your Instagram account

How to avoid having Instagram hacked

Now, if you have not been hacked, be aware that there are several ways to prevent this. The first and most obvious of these is setting up two-factor authentication on your account, which puts an additional layer of protection beyond just your password on login. But that's not all, follow the tips:

  1. Create a complex password that is not just “123123” or simply your birthday so people who know you can't guess. A good tip to use password management applications;
  2. Be sure to also protect the password of the registration email used. After all, it used to recover the password and verify accesses;
  3. Do not let other people know your password, even if they are reliable. That's because, even without fault, hackers can end up discovering your password "per table" from these people;
  4. Avoid clicking links sent via Instagram chat and never login to Instagram on unofficial pages;
  5. Do not save your browser password when logging in and avoid accessing your profile on public computers (they may be infected with viruses or password-stealing programs);
  6. Disable access to less reliable or suspicious applications. This can be done through this link or by accessing your profile under "Edit Profile" and clicking "Authorized Applications."

So, all in all, it will be extremely difficult (but unfortunately not yet impossible) to have your Instagram hacked.

Liked the tips to protect yourself and not have Instagram hacked?

Tell us in the comments if we can help you protect your account or, in case you have already lost access, if we can help you recover it.

Remember, Instagram where various personal data such as photos, messages and other information is stored, so cherish your safety. Enjoy and get to know the best apps to manage passwords and protect yourself even more!