GVT TV is launched with a lot of pomp, promoting a new hybrid model of pay TV in Brazil

In a pompous event held this morning at Hilton So Paulo, GVT revealed all the details about its new pay-TV, which was expected a few days ago, since it reduced the cost of its 35Mbps broadband. The offer arrives as "a new business" for the company, which also works in fixed telephony.


GVT TV's proposal is to innovate with a unique new hybrid model in Brazil, still pioneering in other countries. It combines transmission of high-quality TV channels via satellite (DTH) with Internet connection via IP, using a special decoder that integrates these two interfaces and provides a different experience for the user more interactive than any other existing offer on the market today.

Users can, for example, post tweets about what they are watching right on the TV screen, as well as check reactions from other users on Twitter, access Facebook, browse YouTube, enjoy music on the Power Music Club (from the GVT itself), view weather forecasting and in the future other things will be added, such as horscope, games and the like. The connection via IP also gives access to the content service on demand GVT TV, which offers films, documentaries and TV programs for free, sold separately (from R $ 5 each) or by monthly subscription; it starts with a collection of just over 2 thousand titles.


GVT TV lands with the most watched channels on the market, with 140 in total, 30 of which are in HD. The standard plans are “Super HD” (R $ 60 monthly), “Ultra HD” (R $ 90 monthly) and “Ultimate HD” (R $ 130 monthly), which can be complemented by extra movie channel packages ( HBO and Telecine), sports, Premiere FC, Combat and / or adult. All include HD content, but the set-top box more advanced costs an additional R $ 30 per month allowing content to be scheduled / recorded on a 500GB HDD (enough for 500 hours of SD video or up to 150 hours of HD).

Other differentials of GVT TV include the “Another Chance” (allows you to (re-) watch programs you missed, depending on the broadcaster), the “Timeshifting” (you can pause the program to go to the bathroom, answer a phone call or something like that) and the “Multiroom” (allows programs recorded at one point in a residence to be viewed at another) contributing to the proposal “Anytime, anywhere” telecom.


GVT will start promoting the new service as of October, and from there to start its implementation gradually for all customers. The benefited cities will be all those that already have GVT 106 broadband connection operations currently, 180 until 2016. A 5Mbps connection is sufficient for the service, but it is worth remembering that the 35Mbps connection costs only R $ 100 per month for those who also hire pay TV.

The company will invest R $ 650 million in this novelty until the end of 2012.