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GVT Freedom: app allows you to receive calls from landline on smartphone

GVT today launched an application for its customers that allows you to make and receive landline calls via your smartphone, which must be connected to the internet. The app, called GVT Freedom free, at least for now.

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<p>Available for Android and iOS, the free app but calls have the normal cost of the landline minutes deductible. The service has been created so that franchise minutes can be used when the user is not at home or at the address where the line is installed. Upon receiving a call, the landline and the GVT Freedom app ring at the same time and the user chooses where to answer.</p><div class=

Over time, people will realize the advantage of having 'extended' landline available anywhere on the internet and remotely accessing landline become a habit, says Daniel Neiva, vice president of marketing and sales at GVT .

GVT, as well as other fixed-line providers, is trying with this service to reduce the impact of the drop in fixed lines in the country. According to IBGE, 51% of Brazilian households no longer have a landline. Still, for those who choose to keep the line, this can be an interesting service, which keeps the user from firing minutes, as well as ensuring that they don't miss any important calls as they can route them from the landline to the mobile when Not at home. And you, did you like the news from GVT?

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