Guide: What is the latest version of iOS compatible with my iPhone / iPod touch?

The “active” life cycle of a iPhone undoubtedly the largest in the smartphone industry and, when I refer to the active life, I speak of the period in which the handset continues to receive updates from its descendants and gaining the latest features set by the manufacturer (or at least some of them). , since not all actually reach the devices older").

Still, it comes to an end one day: even the most powerful and resilient hardware will no longer be updated by Apple, eventually being classified as classic or obsolete. The idea in the table below is to survey the active life of each iPhone (and iPod touch, too) already released, so you can analyze Apple's longevity patterns and perhaps even make a better decision at the time of. Choose a new handset especially if we are talking about a used device.

Our table will be updated as needed (ie whenever a new model of iPhone / iPod touch is released or a completely new version of iOS is released), so the invitation is invited to check back this post anytime.


ModelYear Launch Year iOS Support Supported iOS
iPhone (original) 2007 iPhone OS 1.0 iPhone OS 3.1.3
iPhone 3G 2008 iPhone OS 2.0 iOS 4.2.1
iPhone 3GS 2009 iPhone OS 3.0 iOS 6.1.6
iPhone 4 2010 iOS 4 iOS 7.1.2
iPhone 4s 2011 iOS 5 iOS 9.3.6
iPhone 5 2012 iOS 6 iOS 10.3.4
iPhone 5c 2013 iOS 7 iOS 10.3.4
iPhone 5s 2013 iOS 7 iOS 12.4.3
iPhone 6/6 Plus 2014 iOS 8 iOS 12.4.3
iPhone 6s / 6s Plus 2015 iOS 9 last available
iPhone SE 2016 iOS 9.3 last available
iPhone 7/7 Plus 2016 iOS 10 last available
iPhone 8/8 Plus 2017 iOS 11 last available
iPhone X 2017 iOS 11 last available
iPhone XS / XS Max 2018 iOS 12 last available
iPhone XR 2018 iOS 12 last available
iPhone 11 2019 iOS 13 last available
iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max 2019 iOS 13 last available

iPod touch

ModelYear Launch Year iOS Support Supported iOS
iPod touch (original) 2007 iPhone OS 1.1 iPhone OS 3.1.3
iPod touch (2nd generation) 2008 iPhone OS 2.1.1 iOS 4.2.1
iPod touch (3rd generation) 2009 iPhone OS 3.1 iOS 5.1.1
iPod touch (4th generation) 2010 iOS 4.1 iOS 6.1.6
iPod touch (5th generation) 2012 iOS 6 iOS 9.3.6
iPod touch (16GB, 5th generation) 2013 iOS 6.1.3 iOS 9.3.6
iPod touch (6th generation) 2015 iOS 8.4 iOS 12.4.3
iPod touch (7th generation) 2019 iOS 12.3.1 last available

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Enjoy! 😉

Last Update: December 6, 2019.