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[GUIA] Which model of Apple Watch to buy?

Which Apple Watch to buy? The one with the smallest screen or the largest? The newest or the old one that costs less? Is there a difference in functions beyond the price? THE Apple Watch is it worth it?

For those new to the Apple Watch world, the sheer number of model options available may be a little confusing at first.

In this article, we’ll show you what you need to evaluate when choosing an Apple Watch that fits your day-to-day needs.

Apple Watch: is it worth it?

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First of all, you should ask yourself: for what reason do you want an Apple Watch? What expectations do you have about how much it will contribute to your day to day? Is it really worth it?

These questions are fundamental because there are people who buy the watch in excitement and then realize that they don’t really need it. Then they start to say that the clock is useless, it is useless and that it is money thrown away.

But the fact that the watch is not useful to one person does not mean that it will not be useful to another. Each has its specific needs and there are a legion of users who can no longer live without their Apple Watch, because of so much they can do with it.

We can highlight some of the most popular functions among users:

  • A physical activity manager: with it, all the exercises you do are recorded, along with calories expended, steps taken and distance covered. So you can keep up with your sporting evolution or simply be continually encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cardiac activity: Apple Watch lets you not only control your heart rate, but also receive alerts if you spot any irregular behavior in your heart, such as arrhythmias or abnormal heart rate elevations. And that has saved a lot of people.
  • Pulse notifications: some people love Watch because it allows them to view message notifications and even answer calls without having to take their iPhone out of their pocket. A simple look at the clock and you already know if it is something important or just that your aunt at Zap saying good morning.
  • A ‘do it all a little bit’: there are those who like Watch because, in addition to doing all of the above, it also lets you light up a dark room in the middle of the night, makes the iPhone beep when you’re looking for it, allows you to reply to a message when the iPhone isn’t close, listen music without depending on the iPhone, among many other things.

So, if after a lot of thinking, you have decided that this accessory will contribute to your day to day, then it is time to choose which Apple Watch to buy.

Choosing the right model for you

It would be so much easier if there were only a single model Apple Watch to buy. But if you go to the Apple website, you will see that there are several models available to choose from.

Basically they differ by the following technical characteristics:

  • Size
  • Generation
  • With or without 4G connection

Of course, there are other aesthetic and subjective factors to consider, but that will be left for comment later.

→ Clock size

One of the first things you have to decide is about the clock size (Apple calls the watch body without the bracelets “box”). You have two options for box size: large or small.

Since the first generation, the dimensions of the boxes have hardly changed. But from the Series 4 models, the screen was better used, without changing the external size of the device. So you will have differences in size of screen according to generation:

  • smaller size: 40mm (Series 4 and 5) and 38mm (Series 1, 2 and 3)
  • bigger size: 44mm (Series 4 and 5) and 42mm (Series 1, 2 and 3)

It is worth mentioning: externally a Series 3 and a Series 4 are the same size. What changes is the size of the useful screen (in orange in the image below).

Apple Watch Screens Differences

Because it has the same external size, there is a great advantage of bracelets compatible across generations. This means that if you have a bracelet for a small Apple Watch Series 1, it will fit perfectly into a small Series 5. There is no difference.

To help you decide the size before you buy, you can try at home which one looks best on your arm by printing paper models.

→ Apple Watch Generation

Every year, a new model of Apple Watch is launched and to differentiate generations, the apple numbers in Series. In 2019 the Series 5 was launched and in 2020 it is expected Series 6.

What is the difference between them? Sometimes it’s the processor, or just an extra function. However, they can be significant between an older model and a newer one.

For example, the Series 3 model does not have an electrical cardiac sensor (only the optical one) and therefore is not capable of making an electrocardiogram. It also has the most limited display, which makes some new dials not compatible. So, before buying, the ideal is to study the difference between each generation and evaluate if the price is worth the extra functions.

→ With or without 4G connection

In deciding which Apple Watch to buy, another important point that you should evaluate is regarding the 4G connection.

From the Series 3, the watch offers a model that allows activate your cell line it, allowing the Apple Watch to have an internet connection even without the iPhone nearby. You can even leave home without your iPhone, and receive messages and calls right on your watch.

So you have a choice to make when deciding which Apple Watch to buy: do you want a 4G connection on your watch or not?

Before deciding, you need to know a few things:

  • The phone line that is installed on the watch must have the same number that you use on the iPhone. It’s like a clone of him. It is not possible to have one number on the watch and another on the iPhone.
  • Even though it is the same number, the operator can charge extra fees for you to enable it on the watch as well.
  • Not all Brazilian operators offer line activation on the watch. See the official list here.
  • The model without 4G can answer calls and connect to the internet in the same way, but you need to have the iPhone always close
  • A watch with an activated line consumes a little more battery, because of 4G.

Deciding which Apple Watch to buy

Well, after you’ve managed to decide which size is best on your arm, which generation you want and which connection meets your needs, the rest is much easier.

The main thing you’ve already decided (the technical side), now what’s left is an aesthetic one. Case material (aluminum, steel, ceramic or titanium), bracelet style and preferred color. And this is the subjective part of the choice, which depends only on you.

Keep in mind that a small model, of simpler material (aluminum) and the less expensive (sporty) bracelet makes exactly the same things than the most expensive and largest model of the same generation. So at this point the choice is really aesthetic.

Then visit the Apple website, carefully analyze all options and choose calmly. You will surely find the model that is your face.

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