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“Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon” is the free app of the week offered by Apple, download now!

Every Thursday, Apple chooses an iOS app or game and offers it to users for free, like yours App of the week. This time, she selected the game “Guardias da Galxia: The Universal Weapon”, from Marvel Entertainment.

Sorry, app not found.

Join Star Lord, Rocky, Groot, Gamora and Drax on a new Marvel adventure – Guardies of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon! Enter the battle to help the Guardies recover the five parts of the Universal Weapon before it falls into the hands of the terrible Ronan the Accuser!

Meet the legendary outlaw, Star Lord and his ragged team: Rocky, an alien carrying a gun that is quick on the trigger and has an angry temper; Groot, a tree being that hits hard; Gamora, the lethal and enigmatic murderer; and Drax, the Vengeance Destroyer. Command the Guardies and their allies in real-time gesture-based battles! Recruit and upgrade additional heroes by executing devastating special attacks!