Guake Terminal – A handy way to give commands for your Linux distribution

Anyone who is messing with the Linux terminal can find Guake an interesting tool to interact with the computer in a very practical way, know the application a little better.

Guake Terminal Ubuntu Screenfetch

Imagine a terminal that you can access from anywhere and that requires nothing but a single key to open it; support for multiple tabs, hotkeys, theme setup, visual organization and the ability to create automated commands, this, in short, Guake Terminal.

Guake Terminal's default setting allows you to open it by pressing the F12 key, wherever you are, in any folder or program in the system, it will open and you can type the command you want, press F12 again and it hides, You can leave commands on the terminal running in the background and thus optimize your productivity.

Of course, the hotkey to open it, its position and more can be easily set to make it work as you please. When installing it on Ubuntu, following the example of the image above, it will create an indicator in the top bar, this indicator serves two things:

1 – Show that it is running and available for you to open it via shortcut key or by clicking on the icon itself;

2 – And also allows you to quickly access the settings menu to adjust your preferences.

How to install Guake Terminal

That's the easy part, you find it in the official repository of just about every distribution, so check out the Program Center Of your distraction, surely you will find it over there.

Guake Terminal

Once installed, you will find the application in the system menu, just click on it and start using it.

Tell us if you already knew the tool and what you think about it, the comment session is below.

See you next time!

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