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GT Racing: Motor Academy, the best free racing game for Android

Tread background with HD graphics

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free +

GT Racing: Motor Academy one of the best, if not the best, free racing game for Android, faces successful franchises with Asphalt and Need For Speed.

In the game you go through many stages, first you have to pass some tests to take your license, then you go to the races, of course if you use career mode, the game also has arcade and multiplayer mode with option to play on LAN.

The cars

This was another issue that caught my attention, there are many good car options, and you drive from a new beatle, a golf, to a Ferrari California, a Lamborgini, going through several other brands like Bugatti, Lotus, just accumulate points in races to free them.


Play very simple, just tilt the SmartPhone or Tablet to flip and we have the braking and accelerating keys on the screen, but I found them with very little sensitivity (which made me damn hard!) But all perfectly adjustable on the options panel. So many clues too, fun guaranteed.

Check out Gameplay, Good Racing!

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