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Group robs Apple Store in Canada and flees dozens of iPhones

Ma was the target of another criminal attack last weekend when a group of robbers stormed the Apple Chinook Center (in Canada), taking about 50 iPhones exposed in the store. The action was captured by the site's internal camera system, but no suspects have been identified yet, according to CBC.

According to a Reddit user, several men in dark sunglasses and sweatshirts came into the mall and stole the Apple Store's iPhone demo units. According to him, the action lasted about 15 seconds while there were customers in the store, moments before the mall closed.

Calgary City Police Chief Paul Teworte said about seven men took part directly in the assault and are working to identify them as soon as possible. Teworte also warns users to identify these devices in potential sales channels:

When buying used mobile phones, specifically those sold online through a social media platform or buying and selling site, always ask for the IMEI number. Often when a potential buyer asks the seller for an IMEI number, if the phone is stolen, the seller simply does not respond.

Apple Stores are often targeted by thieves in the United States as well; At the beginning of this month, a company store in the state of California was also raided and about 40 devices were taken from the site.

as they say: β€œT brabo”

via Cult of Mac