Griffin and Crayola get together and create an iPad-compatible “draw in the air” accessory

THE Griffin Technology, famous for its quality accessories, and the Crayola, known for its design tools, came together to create an interesting and creative accessory compatible with iPads.

Crayola Light Maker

Instead of interacting directly with the screen, the Crayola Light Maker allows the user to draw in the air, using the front camera present in the most modern Apple tablets to track the position of the pen. In addition to the simple free drawing method, the application that comes with the accessory also features the well-known connect the dots, some educational puzzles and a paint splashing mode.

The Crayola Light Maker will cost $ 30 and will be available this fall (spring in the northern hemisphere). The application that accompanies the accessory will be made available for free on the App Store.

Griffin also announced several new products aimed at children. There are new cases, headphones and even stuffed animals compatible with iGadgets.

(via The Verge)