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GreenPeace “punishes” Toshiba

Toshiba, Samsung and Dell are the main “punished” in the last ranking of the “greenest” technologies, for “failing within the deadlines they had set themselves” to eliminate some of the most dangerous substances in the products they manufacture.

The explanation accompanies the publication of the quarterly table of the most environmentally friendly manufacturers, from GreenPeace, and is given by Iza Kruszewska, the international responsible for campaigns against toxic substances.

In the last Guide to Greener Electronics Toshiba dropped from 3rd to 14th and Samsung from 7th to 13th. At the origin is the same problem: the use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and BFRs (brominated flame retardants) in the composition of their products.

Both substances can produce toxic substances when incinerated in poor conditions, as in China or India, exemplified the responsible.

This is one of the main concerns of organizations in the area of ​​the environment and, recently, it has also led some of the manufacturers to ask the European bodies to tighten the legislation on this matter.

The initiative, which is applauded by GreenPeace and helps to raise the ratings of some of its promoters, such as Sony Ericsson and HP, is not enough to excuse Dell, which despite joining the manifesto is reprimanded for failing to fulfill its own deadlines.

In the top places there are no surprises: Nokia and Sony Ericsson remain at the top of the table. The environmental organization, however, highlights the benefits of Apple and HP, for their panoply of “green” products.

Among those that have risen the most since January are Panasonic (from 10th to 6th place) and Sony (from 7th to 6th), which are tied, HP (from 11th to 8th) and Sharp (from 13th to 9).

Nintendo continues, at the end of the table, followed by Lenovo and Microsoft.

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