Greenpeace accuses HP of un-green practices

HP = Hazard Products was the message today painted in yellow by Greenpeace on the roof of HP’s headquarters, accompanied by telephone calls recorded with the voice of actor William Shatner asking the company to reduce the use of toxic substances. The protest comes as a reaction by the environmental protection organization to HP’s retreat in commitments made in this area.

Greenpeace had previously made similar protests against HP at the offices in China (pictured below) and the Netherlands. In early July it had added a “penalty point” to the company, accusing it of failing to reduce the use of toxic components in conjunction with Lenovo and Dell.

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According to the organization, earlier this year, HP postponed to 2011 the commitments it had assumed in 2007 to reduce the use of BFRs and PVCs in its products until the end of this year.

“It is a shame that HP continues to put polluting products on the market, despite the promises it has made”, underlines Casey Harrell of Greenpeace International, in a statement, adding that the company should follow in the footsteps of Apple, which currently leads the sector in products “green” electronics.

In addition to maintaining the “Green Electronics” index, Greenpeace has taken several actions against technology companies trying to alert users to the importance of choosing products with a lower index of toxic substances and calling for public pressure against these entities.

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