[grátis] ICaipirinha app brings 40 typical Brazilian drink recipes

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Who has never needed, at a party with friends, to improvise a caipirinha? And if you had more fruits at your disposal, how to innovate and surprise everyone, creating caipiroskas and saquerinhas? All of this can be easily solved, with a solution that fits in the palm of your hand: iCaipirinha, by Yotta Apps.

With it, you have access to 40 recipes with various types of drinks and fruits, which will not bore your guests. You can create drinks with vodka, rum, sake, in addition to, of course, the traditional cachaça.

The visual presentation mimics a bar counter, where you have access to bottles and fruits. By touching them, you form the pair that will form the recipe. From there, just follow what is written and be successful among the guests.

THE iCaipirinha is available on the App Store (link) for free and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Download yours now. ?

Application dedicated to over 18 years. Remember, if you drink, don’t drive. ?