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Graphics: How has the price of the iPhone increased over the years?

It can be said that one of the most controversial issues in the case of smartphones is price. Linked to technological development, however, is a key factor in the implication of the values ​​currently charged by these mobile devices: the market.

As we know, the iPhone (as well as other manufacturers' smartphones) has had their value readjusted over the years, and some of these changes have taken place in order to revive sales in certain markets such as China, where Ma has reduced the prices of iPhones for the third time. in this year.

However, the fact that the prices of iPhones have increased over the years; with respect to models flagships Specifically, this figure nearly doubled from $ 500 for the original iPhone in 2007 to $ 1,000 with the iPhone 11 Pro, as seen in the following chart published by Ma The economist.

Graphic: Price of iPhones

Of course, this eliminates the iPhone SE (which had the lowest price among all releases) and the more affordable versions of the latest devices like the iPhone 11, which are currently available for under $ 1,000.

However, for analyst Horace Dediu of the blog Asymco, the iPhone price increase since its original launch was not significant when looking at the average selling price (average selling price, or ASP) of gadget. For Dediu, this figure was mostly in the range of $ 600 to $ 700, so what a "regular user is paying for an iPhone" didn't really increase much.

IPhone prices from June 2007 to August 2020.

Dediu acknowledges that ASP-related data is for iPhones released last year, but as this year's device prices are very similar to 2018, there is unlikely to be any significant change.

One thing that even increased was the number of models of iPhones for sale. Excluding the different colors, there are currently 17 versions available 15 more than in 2007, when the iPhone had only one version with two capacities.

In Brazil, of course, the story is quite different, starting with the fact that the original iPhone was not launched in Tupiniquin lands. Already the iPhone 3G was released for $ 1,200 (8GB) around here, while the iPhone XS Max was available from $ 8,000 (64GB). Prices not adjusted for inflation, of course.

We will still see how the prices of iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will be practiced in Brazil; In any case, there is no doubt that the price increase on the c-side was even more felt by users.

via 9to5Mac, Digital Look