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Grand Theft Auto 3 | AndroidPIT

Grand Theft Auto 3 turns 10, and to celebrate such a successful time, the game is on iOS and Android. It can be said that Grand Theft was the first GTA series 3D game. If you are interested in knowing if it works well on Android devices, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) Android Version: 2.3.6Root: NoRoda From Android: 2.2There is no one who has not even heard of Grand Theft Auto 3. In it, you become a true mobster and have to create and maintain your reputation. The various missions to be accomplished in the game, whose objectives are not to promote the good of anyone, are given through wanderings around the city.

The version of Android is very similar to the 2001 PSP, but has a difference to be highlighted: the matches are saved automatically, which make the super fans of the game super happy, because they can repeat the missions as many times as they want.

It should also be said that Grand Theft would be designed as an app for high end smartphones, but eventually it came to a wide selection of them. The problem is that the game behaves much better on phones whose settings are more sophisticated.

About the controls: Adapting the original game to a phone always comes with a few mishaps. The screen displays a kind of virtual analogue control. There are also buttons for racing, for attacking or getting into cars. Once you are in the car, you will see two arrows to steer the car left or right, as well as two buttons to accelerate and brake. Here's the problem: the screen is full of buttons, which is necessary for the game to work like the original. Despite this problem, they all work very well. During a fight, the general view is lost and the camera does not rotate. This can be a big problem when you reach levels whose battles are more complicated.

We can only say that this is a very complete version of the original game. Another little problem, however, are some popups that appear on the screen.

ConclusionGrand theft Auto 3 was a cult for ten years now and still is. The controls work very well. However, popups that appear minimize the player's diversity a bit. The video was well adapted small screen and the version of the game is very complete.

Screen & Controls

Adapting Grand Theft Auto 3 to a touchscreen was not the easiest job. Nevertheless, the controls work surprisingly well, even when you're driving the car. We are already fighting, we cannot say the same. As stated earlier, the general view does not exist, which can be problematic at more complex levels of the game. The game has a great performance on the best equipped smartphones. So those who still have an older one, get ready to try some little problems.

Speed ​​& Stability

Grand Theft Auto 3 deserves three stars in this regard, as the app's loading time is quite long and during the testing period, the app crashed a few times and eventually closed unexpectedly.

Price / Performance Ratio

Grand Theft Auto 3 is available from the Play Store for 3.87. The price, in our view, is not bad if we consider that the game is quite complete. We cannot, however, give the app five stars in this regard, since its yield is nothing but five stars, as we stated earlier.

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