Graava is a camera created by Brazilians that uses sensors to edit videos automatically.

In the analogue world, taking a lot of pictures or recording hours and hours of video was a lot more complicated. This is as easy as pushing a button these days. The result: At the end of a trip we have hundreds / thousands of photos and many hours of videos. How to solve it? Speaking specifically of the videos, three Brazilians have created something really different from everything we have seen so far.

THE Record It is a Full HD (1080p) video camera that uses artificial intelligence to identify what needs to be filmed. In addition, it automatically edits this content, making things much easier for users. The idea is to put the camera in a suitable place and forget that it is there, doing what you want to do in the next few minutes / hours (it can record up to 3 hours straight).

Despite filming everything over and over like any other camera, the Graava combines data from GPS, microphone, accelerometer, camera (movement in front of it) and your heart rate (via Apple Watch) to identify when something relevant happens and that might actually interest you in the shoot. When she stops filming, she takes all this relevant content and discards the rest, condensing the final video according to the minutes / size of the video you choose. Through the app you can also share the material on various social networks and choose what to shoot before you start.

Graava knows when a user is shooting something with more than one camera when comparing the phone's GPS data. It's cool that these videos can be compiled and edited automatically (a great choice for those who like multiple perspectives on their videos). Another point worth mentioning is the edition based on a song chosen by the user Graava analyzes the rhythm of the music and makes an edition according to it.

To complete, the wireless recharge. The person comes home, places the camera on the base and leaves it there while recharging, the videos are sent to the cloud.

Check out the product promotional video:

If Graava really delivers what it promises, it has everything to make things a lot easier for those who love filming but don't have the patience, time, bag or desire to edit the final material.

It is pre-sold for $ 400 $ 250 and the first units will be shipped to buyers in February 2016.

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