2009 OE Savings Chart

Government will save 49 million euros in IT and mobile communications

The reorganization of the State Framework Agreements and the procurement structure of the public bodies of the Central Administration, actions coordinated by the National Public Procurement Agency, will allow the State to save 21.4 million euros in the acquisition of computer material, 21.84 million euros in allowances software and 6 million euros in mobile communications, until the end of 2010.

The amount is entered in the State Budget for 2009 and discriminates against a global savings amount indicated by the ANCP when it assumed functions as the coordinating entity for State purchases.

In global terms, the savings estimate for the 2009-2010 biennium is 150 million euros, out of a total estimated investment of 688 million euros. The largest share (see table of the State Budget for 2009) will be obtained in the item relating to the acquisition of vehicles, where the State expects to save 26.1 million euros with the savings in progress.

The competition that allowed the renewal of the State Framework Agreements in mobile communications started in January and ended in September. The computer equipment competition started in May and should be concluded in November, when the procedure for software licensing should also be completed.

November is also the month for the launch of the tender for communications and data networks. A month later, the procedure starts that will renew the range of suppliers qualified to sell to the State, according to a pre-defined set of conditions. These contests are due to end in March and April.

2009 OE Savings Chart