Government of Italy requires refund on factory Windows computer

Bought a computer that came with factory Windows and besides the PC paid Windows too? Well, if you are Italian, getting your hard-earned money back has just become easier.

Windows Refund

You are not required to buy Windows

This is one of those things that not everyone knows, usually when we go to a store to buy a new computer or notebook these computers, because of business agreements most of the time, come with pre-installed Windows and the price on software is included in the purchase. .

That's right, if you didn't already know that "welcome to the desert of the real" when you buy a laptop that costs about $ 1,500, of $ 200 of the Windows product you have is paying (the variation is due to the existing versions, starter, professional, ultimate, pro, etc.), in extreme cases the amount can reach almost half of the amount paid.

What you may not know is that this is what we call "married sale", meaning you can only buy one product if you pay for another together, but come on, after all you went to buy a computer or Windows?

Microsoft relies on a kind of "Microsoft law" where its (obviously very well-paid) lawyers argue that selling "a computer without an operating system like selling a car without wheels", the analogy has a good effect because it sounds so, but you see, It makes no sense, because you can not put anything other than "wheels" in your car for him to ride, but on your computer you can install other software.

Italian Government, an example to follow

It is precisely in this context that the government of Italy has decided to act and abolish the "Microsoft law":

In short, "computer manufacturers operating in Italy will be legally required to return the money for the Windows license", and not only that: "The decision also obliges manufacturers to announce the refund value of the new PCs license. and the process for users to request a refund if they wish. "

Nothing is fairer since when buying a computer you need to accept two different licenses, one for hardware and one for software when turning on the computer.

Unfortunately in Brazil and other countries also getting this repayment requires a lot of patience and goodwill, maybe things will change later.

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