Government launches its own search engine

The content hosted on official websites will now be able to be searched on a dedicated search engine, ordered by the State and intended to index the contents of the main Public Administration websites and portals.

The website is part of the measures to be implemented within the scope of Simplex – the program to simplify citizens’ access to Public Administration – and is now available online, with a simple layout similar to so many others designed to search for information online.

In addition to not including sites from “unofficial” sources, the presents other peculiarities specific to the end that continues, such as the possibility of filtering the results depending on whether you want to find information categorized as “Citizens”, “Companies” “,” Government “, or” Everyone “.

Experimenting with a search for the expression “simplex”, we could also see that the service also suggests that the user narrow his search, to help obtain results more targeted to what he is looking for. However, it seems to have some difficulty in properly prioritizing the results presented. This is because, for that research, the Simplex website itself is removed from the first 10 results.

The service, which saw the virtual daylight yesterday, arrives about half a year late, since it was scheduled for last August, with Simplex 2009. Currently in the fourth year, Simplex presents a series of measures to be implemented in the year to which it refers, but when this is not possible, implementation can be carried over to the following year, as is the case here.

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