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GoT actor helps Street View capture climate change in Greenland

At Google?s invitation, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jaime Lannister from ?Game of Thrones?, was the first Hollywood star to collect images for Google Street View.

The Dane, who is also a UN ambassador, captured images of the beautiful landscapes of southern Greenland, his second home, to show the melting ice and raise awareness of climate change.

?Last year, the Google Maps team came to visit and we went on an adventure to collect Greenland Street View imagery. Statistics, scientific reports and graphs can be disconcerting, but I hope that these images will help people understand the drastic changes taking place in Greenland, ?said the actor.

For Coster-Waldau, if climate trends are not tackled, the next time the trekker passes through Greenland ?the landscape may be unrecognizable from what you see today?.