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GoPro starts well 2019 and projects first annual profit since 2015

The North American Technology Company GoPro had a good start to the year 2019 in finance by posting revenues of $ 243 million in the first quarter of the year, a 20% increase over the same period of 2018. The company even had $ 24 million of period, but that was a big improvement compared to the $ 76 million losses in the first quarter of last year.


Camera information leaked before announcement Wednesday, Wednesday

That was enough to make GoPro confident enough to warn its investors of its forecast to make the first annual profit since 2015. As the site points out The verge, that time was when the first full year of sales of the popular steel camera lines took place. Hero 4.

Official Website: GoPro Hero 7

The company did not even mention the name of the drone Karma in its letter to shareholders, but even spoke in general terms about its "air business". According to GoPro itself, revenues would have grown 27% in the first quarter had it not been for the drone launch. This is because, although Karma earned money for the company, its sales did not compensate for the research and development costs required to launch it.

Among the main reasons for GoPro's best financial results is the recent success of the steel camera. Hero 7 Black. According to The verge, the product is heading for the best story ever from any camera released by the company. Another reason that GoPro is finally healing its finances after deciding to close sales of Karma in January 2018 and completely exit the drone market.

Via: The Verge