GoPro apresenta GoPro Labs, recursos experimentais para usuários

GoPro presents GoPro Labs, experimental resources for users

THE GoPro officially presented its platform GoPro Labs, an initiative dedicated to the brand community so that users can use functions still in the testing phase of the cameras HERO8Black. Unlike a beta program, GoPro Labs will provide an experience that may not reach all devices, which makes the project more inclusive for those who want to test all the features still in development.

GoPro Labs – link

First, GoPro is sharing some tools that originated in internal hackathons, but that were not implemented in the launch of the camera. Access takes place through a update manual of HERO8 Black firmware for the GoPro Labs version. See how to update on this link.

One example of these features is in a video capture using a wake-up timer configurable through a QR Code created in GoPro Labs. With the resource, the company team managed to capture the launch of a rocket carrying supplies to the International Special Station. See the image below:

Check out the news below:

ReelSteady Go optimizationThe GoPro Lab firmware optimizes the HERO8 Black's built-in shutter correction to be more acceptable in ReelSteady Go stabilization. This ensures that the user achieves even better stabilization on the feet.

Camera control via QR CodeIntroduces time-sensitive content creation – thinking about timelapses captured over several days or several weeks. Just point the camera at a QR Code and this will trigger the designated tools. You can generate your own code here.

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Below are some examples: – Wake-up timer; – Memorizing favorite modes as a visual preset / QR Code; – Motion detection start / stop – captures video only when something is happening; – Speed ​​detection start / stop – uses the GPS data to determine speed and automatically start capturing at a defined speed; – Camera Scripting – functionality used, for example, to capture a timelapse of a building, but only during the hours of sunlight (and many other controls); – Personalize GoPro with owner information; – Larger chapters to have fewer files when capturing long videos – for example, 4GB files can increase to 12GB.

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