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GoPro Million Dollar Challenge Video Winner Has FPV Drone Passing Parachute

The winner of the promotion of GoPro Million Dollar Challenge, was Jan Verhaeren, who recorded a video using besides his GoPro Hero7 Black, one Drone FPV. The images are from a parachute jump base in Moab, and show the exact moment when the drone passes between the ropes of its parachute in flight. In addition to capturing this moment, the landscape images also contributed to the video being the winner of the $ 1 million.

In response to YouTube comments pointing out the dangers of drone propeller clashing with parachute ropes Verharen replied:

"We tested to see if the drone propellers would cut the parachute ropes, but they couldn't. The entanglement was possible, but the lines the drone passed were only hanging and no control, if anything went wrong. landing on p. "

To enter the contest you had to be a GoPro Hero7 Black user and upload the videos between September 20th, 2018 and December 9th. One committee watched and reviewed all uploaded videos passing through the evaluation criteria, Described in the application form and chose the best according to their own conclusions.

The result was posted by GoPro on its Twitter, where it puts the video and the name of the author. Also announced that having a next GoPro Million Dollar Challenge and for their users to be aware to participate.

The video was filmed in 4K and 60fps, The entry video for the award was required to be a clip captured exclusively with the GoPro Hero7, without edits and cuts. No longer the full video, which was published in Youtube channel From Verharen, you can see the moments from various angles with the help of drone images.

Via: DroneDj. [TagsToTranslate] gopro hero7