GoPro licencia sua tecnologia de câmera para empresa Jabil

GoPro licenses its camera technology to Jabil Enterprise

THE GoPro revealed a licensing agreement that allows another company to use its camera lens and sensor technology. THE JabiThere, the company that bought the GoPor technology license, can now use the same recording features in their products. No company has publicly stated the specificity of the licensed technology.

Contract does not allow cameras to be created competing with GoPro technology.

Jabil is speculated to use this technology in almost all of its products, from camera application to video conferencing in autonomous cars. Of course, this licensing does not allow the company to create cameras that track actions, just like GoPro.

In the past, GoPro has worked with Jabil on other cameras, including Hero4 and its successor models. But it's still an interesting and unexpected strategy if we think GoPro is known for keeping its secrets and technologies well-kept. We still do not know if the company will sell other own technologies in the future.

Via: Engadget