GoPro lança o #HomePro Challenge para incentivar pessoas a ficarem em casa

GoPro launches the #HomePro Challenge to encourage people to stay at home

The American technology company, GoPro, launched its challenge #HomePro Challenge, which seeks to encourage people to be creative during this quarantine. The company is asking the brand's fans to send video pictures of their moments at home.


The attached shotgun microphone greatly improves the quality of the audio captured

The best videos and photos of each day will win a GoPro and five years of subscription to the service GoPro Plus. The content can be captured with any device, including a cell phone or camera from a competing company.

Official website: GoPro Hero8 Black

Official website: GoPro Max

The #HomePro Challenge has already started and is valid until April 30th. To participate, just post a photo or video with the hashtag #HomePro on one of the following platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Facebook. There are five winners every day. Whoever wins, chooses whether they want a Hero8 Black or a GoPro Max and still take five years of GoPro Plus subscription as a free gift.

The cameras that will be presented to the winners are Hero8 Black or Max. Since the company announced the challenge, millions of people have participated. An official company statement highlights some winners.

There is someone who did parkour in the living room in Switzerland, someone else who created a homemade toboggan in Massachusetts and an indoor fishery in Italy. In Brazil, the highlight is a roller skating moonwalk in Goinia.

"As the need to stay at home is something that is happening all over the world, GoPro decided to open the challenge for media captured on any device: smartphones, DSLRs, digital cameras or – of course – GoPro cameras".

Check below the complete rules to participate in the challenge:1] Download the GoPro App on your phone, free.2] Use the app to post your photo or video that shows your #HomePro moment on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.3] Use the hashtags #HomePro and #GoPro on beginning of your post, preferably on the first line.