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GoPro hires top Apple designer as its new vice president of design

If Apple is considered a company that pays unusual attention to industrial design and is obsessed with the secrecy of its future products, its design team can be considered the epicenter of this status. THE Tvola Redonda da Ma composed of a team of 19 designers who work together, in absolute secrecy and (apparent) total harmony, since the return of Steve Jobs, captained by King Arthur Jonathan Ive.

Well, now it's 18: a GoPro yesterday released a press release announcing (and confirming a scoop given by The Information) the hiring of neozelands Daniel “Danny” Coster, one of the members of this super starry group.

Coster arrives at the steel cameras company to fill the newly created position of vice president of design or, in practice, head the entire industrial design section at GoPro. Hiring is seen as a movement of the company, considered by many to be dedicated to a small niche of sportsmen and adventurers, in order to become more attractive to the general market, possibly introducing more Mainstream in the near future. The fact that the arrival of the designer has already had a very positive effect on GoPro shares, with a dizzying 16% rise in NASDAQ after the announcement.

iMac G3

Coster's hands have been on some of Apple's most important projects. As one of the most important designers on the Ma team, his collaboration with Jony Ive in the creation of the iconic iMac G3 “Bondi Blue” stands out, considered the product that marked Steve Jobs' second coming to Cupertino. His name is also on the patent for products like the iPhone 4 and the Smart Keyboard of the iPad Pro, to give you an idea of ​​the extent of Coster's collaborations.

This is the first change in the Apple design team since last year, when the company promoted Jony Ive to the position of chief design executive, allowing for greater participation in the day-to-day creation, and delegating to Richard Howarth and Alan Dye more supervisory positions. In addition, there is the hope that a drop of this caliber will not affect the characteristic dedication of the millennial art design company.

(via AppleInsider)