GoPro Hero 9 passa por testes de homologação da FCC nos EUA [Rumor]

GoPro Hero 9 passes FCC homologation tests in the USA [Rumor]

THE United States Communications Commission (FCC) published on the internet a new listing of the American technology company GoPro, which possibly has to do with the preparation for the launch of the steel camera Hero 9.


System update is now available and offers new features for the steel camera

The company's new model appeared as SPBL1 in the US government agency database, but some details indicate that it may be the successor to the GoPro Hero 8. According to the website DJ Drone, the new camera was tested in March 2020, with the photos being posted on the FCC website on May 6 this year.


The Federal Communications Commission also revealed what the menus for the new version of the GoPro application should look like, which will certainly be updated with the arrival of the new camera on the market. It appears with new options, such as a new sub-menu called "Displays".

Source: FCC

The option comes to replace the old "Touch Display" section, according to the publication. This would mean that GoPro has decided to follow the trend of using dual displays, allowing you to use the front screen to see what the camera is filming. This would be confirmed by the selection icon of this submenu, which shows a camera with displays in front and behind.

In the main screen of the dropdown menu, it is possible to see a new button, as well as to verify that the preferences option has been removed. The new button displays a box with a person inside it, which can mean a new selfie mode or an option to select the front screen.

Source: FCC

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The preferences menu has also been moved to a new screen and can now be found next to the connection button. This button used to be in another settings menu. This change should be positive for the experience of users, who will no longer have to navigate through multiple menus to tinker with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options.

Still according to the DJ Drone, there are some other changes with less impact. The signature cone of GoPro Plus, for example, is now colored and can be found at the top of the preferences menu.

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