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GoPro announces Hero 8 Black and Go Pro Max! Check out the news

THE GoPro announced today, October 1, its new action cameras: GoPro Hero 8 Black and the Max (continued from Fusion). Key features include a new Hero case that lets you use other accessories and a new color touchscreen on Max's body.

Product Site: GoPro Hero 8 and Max

THE Hero 8 Black It has a general update, but the main news are in its case that gives the possibility of new accessories. The main ones are: a set of lights to brighten images, and an additional screen that can be turned to the user to see themselves while shooting. You can check out the Hero 7 Black review by clicking here.

And also the video demonstrating the news presented by the company in the tweet below:

The main news presented for Hero 8 are:

  • Hypersmooth with greater stabilization;
  • Slowmotion up to 8x;
  • Water resistance at up to 10 meters deep;
  • 2x stronger lenses;
  • Possibility of changing angles in photos thanks to digital lens;
  • Superphonto with enhanced HDR;
  • TimeWarp 2.0 which changes the speed of captured images;
  • Liveburst capturing seconds before and after the camera shutter is released;
  • Night Lapse Video (night time lapse mode);
  • High Fidelity Audio (enhanced audio with three new microphones and wind noise control);
  • Go live that can be filmed in Full HD.

The list of general specifications is in the comparison table with the previous model, GoPro Hero 7 Black, below:

The GoPro Hero 8 Black was announced for the value of US $ 399 (R $ 1660 in direct conversion) and is already available for sale on this site.

The expected Fusion Max was announced by the company just as Max. Its main differential that now it equipped with a touchscreen screen on your body. In addition to this screen simplify the process of capturing images, since the user will be able to check in real time what is being captured, it will also help in the settings and general commands, as this no longer needs to be done by buttons.


A good choice for professionals, but a very expensive alternative to casual wear.

What's new for Max includes:

  • Max HyperSmooth, which also assists in stabilizing the videos;
  • Four digital lens options to change the angles of the images;
  • Possibility to reformulate 360 ​​videos for traditional formats;
  • Six new built-in microphones with wind noise reduction;
  • PowerPano, which gives the possibility of taking pictures with different angles without distorting 270 degrees;
  • Max TimeWarp which allows time lapse video in motion from different capture locations 360;
  • Water resistance at up to 5 meters deep.

The other specifications show that there was no processor upgrade. Details of the differences between the Fusion model and Max can be seen in the table below:

Max will start shipping for $ 100 less than its first version. It is available by US $ 499 (R $ 2075) It is also already pre-sold by the GoPro website.

It can be seen that both cameras have been adapted to vlog format and will assist in the production of audiovisual material. With the addition of screens that can show what is being captured it is easier to record in first person.

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