Google's video calling app may well overshadow FaceTime

Google's video calling app may well overshadow FaceTime

Google has announced a video calling app for Android, the Duo. Many users have not understood the company's strategy with this service, as many other apps, including Hangouts itself, are already doing this. With that in mind, I decided to write this article to share with you my vision about the new app and where Google wants to go with it. Follow me

How do you make a video call to another contact using Android? If you don't have Hangouts installed, I need to look for any apps in the Play Store that have this feature, such as Skype. The trickiest thing, in most cases, is for the other contact to download this new app just to talk to you.

Only in the meantime, besides the internet data that is consumed, many end up giving up on the idea. Hangouts has not become popular with the average user, but has fallen in the business as a powerful tool for team video conferencing. Certainly, Google realized that Hangouts was not unanimous among users of the platform, so decided to offer a solution focused on practicality and aimed at a single target: FaceTime.

Duo will be the opposite of the more popular and affordable FaceTime

Duo is not an app that requires a login or syncs contacts with Google+, but instead the app is a solution for those who want to make a video call simply and intuitively. You may be wondering: What is the use of video calling today? Well, be aware that this feature will soon arrive by the hands of WhatsApp and therefore the popularization of video chats is inevitable.

Thinking about it, Google decided to anticipate launching an app focused on this feature. With Hangouts in mind as a proven less popular option, what other service could Android compete with WhatsApp video calling? Apple, meanwhile, has FaceTime, but Apple's service is as restricted and unpopular as Hangouts today.

booyah video calling app
Video calls coming soon via WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT

I have been an iOS user for years and currently use a Macbook that comes standard with FaceTime installed. I can tell in one hand how many times I called a contact who had an iPhone or Mac to make a video call: twice. Duo has everything to be more popular as the Google app will be available for both Android and iOS.

FaceTime is an application that is doomed to oblivion

Even with the possible popularity of video calls soon, I find it unlikely that Apple will decide to give up FaceTime's exclusivity. In addition to gaining in diversity, the Duo can come with more patronage from manufacturers.

Yes, in a very likely scenario, I can see Samsung, Sony and Motorola embarking the factory Duo on their proprietary interfaces.

duo androidpit setting
Duo doesn't rely on Google Plus / ANDROIDPIT contacts

Sure, a native app is synonymous with success, but we should consider that Duo can be made available in the midst of the video call boom implemented by WhatsApp. In addition, Google has already signaled that the Duo will not be exclusive to Android N, as the app will be released on dates that differ with the announcement of the final version of the OS. Again, I ask: Where is FaceTime with this?

FaceTime is an application that is doomed to oblivion, just like other apps that have been overshadowed by a very similar factor: over-exclusivity. The Duo will be as handy to use as FaceTime. It has the same goal as the Apple app, but coming at the right time will be embraced by manufacturers and have a range of popularity that FaceTime was never interested in.

And do you think the Google app makes FaceTime even more unpopular? What is your opinion?

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