Google's “Trusted Contacts” app is now available for iPhone

Google's “Trusted Contacts” app is now available for iPhone

Everyone has a small circle of trust, those people you turn to when something serious happens and you need help. Apple, for example, offers the “Find my friends” app so that you can follow all the steps of your family (especially children), for example.

Now Google has entered this field. I mean, "now" in; the app in question has existed in the Android world since December last year, but only this week it also reached iOS. I speak of “Trusted contacts” (or Trusted Contacts).

Trusted Contacts app icon

It is a personal security application that opens a direct line of location sharing between you and the people you trust, obviously designated by yourself.

With the app, you can add your closest friends and / or family as trusted contacts and allow them to request your current location. If everything is fine, you can simply decline the request. If you cannot reply, your most recent known location will be shared automatically after a personalized period (immediately or in up to 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes). The cool thing is that the feature works even if you are offline or if your smartphone has no battery (after all, we are not talking about the exact location, but a more recent one).

Google Trusted Contacts app

The app also allows you to proactively share your location if you feel in danger or are in an emergency. Everything is fully integrated with Google Maps, so it’s easier to enable permanent location sharing with selected contacts and find them directly on the Google service.

Quite simple, the app can be a great one because, unlike “Find my friends”, the multiplatform “trusted contacts” which can be something positive if you use iPhone and your friends / family, Android (or vice versa ).