Flurry sales estimates

Google’s “super-phone” sales disappoint

Google has not been able to convert previous interest in the Nexus One into sales, at least so far, as the numbers reached in the week of reaching the market are below those recorded by competitors in the same period.

The accounts are from Flurry, who estimates that, in the first week of its existence, the Internet giant sold nearly 20,000 units of its “super-phone”.

The value is considered low compared to sales of similar devices, such as Motorola’s Droid, or Apple’s iPhone3G, which sold, respectively, 12 times more and 80 times more than the Nexus One in its first week of availability.

  Flurry sales estimates

Flurry believes that the Nexus One does not have the “novelty factor” and the general perception is that the phone is not really revolutionary, being just a development compared to other devices with Android.

From the set of probable causes for the lack of initial success there is also the price, considered not very appealing, and issues related to marketing, namely the little promotion of the Nexus One and the adopted distribution models.