Próximo gadget da Google, Sabrina, deve transformar TVs em Android TVs

Google's next gadget, Sabrina, should turn TVs into Android TVs

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  • Google should launch a much more complete update of your Chromecast device
  • He must be part of the Nest family and transform TVs with HDMI input, or monitors, into Android TVs
  • In addition, you must also add a remote control, with a button dedicated to Assistant and other features
  • Some leaking images illustrate what the next gadget should look like

There are some rumors that Google is developing a successor to the Chromecast, codenamed Sabrina. It has already been mentioned that the product will bring great news to the equipment and should integrate the family Nest. The XDA-Developers website had access to a commercial video and some rendering of the possible product. The big news is the presence of a control, which can replace the commands given by the smartphone.

Google develops and markets products for home automation. These devices are called Nest. It seems that updating the Chromecast be part of that line. The leaked images show that the device itself looks very much like the current model, at least in its design.

The Chromecast used for turn any television into smart, with the control being carried out by the smartphone. Various applications, and even the smartphone screen, can be mirrored on the TV. In current models, control the smartphone, but it seems that the Nest generation will bring real control.

From what appears in the images, the control is similar to some models (including Android TVs) that are already present in the market. It has a dedicated button for Assistant, so it will be possible to give voice commands to the device. This indicates that the Assistant can answer questions, perform actions, etc.

It seems that this new gadget will give users more options, turning the TV into a Android TV. At least that indicates the commands of the control. An example is the home button. In current Chromecast models there is no place where apps are shown, everything is done via smartphone. Having a starting place may represent that this will be changed.

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It may be that this model allows applications to be installed directly on the device, being mirrored on the TV. That eliminates the need for a smartphone be around to control what is being broadcast. It also appears that other features can be integrated as well. One example is to monitor home security cameras that the home may have.

Google has not yet confirmed any information about the successor to the Chromecast. All the information in this news is the result of a leak in the official. It is not yet known when the advertisement will occur or how much the device will cost.

The third version sold for values ​​between R $ 399 by retailers in Brazil. The next generation is expected to arrive costing significantly more than that, mainly by adding control.

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