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Google works on malware scanner in Play Store

In order to prevent future issues related to malicious software in the Android app store, Google demonstrated in the latest update that it is developing its own malware scanner for Android devices called "App Check". That is, the company leaves the comfort zone – Play Store – and works over your phone.

The Android Police team discovered something called Check App in the code for the new Play Store update – version 3.9.16, which has everything to be a malware scanner for the Android platform. From this code, it can be said that Check App is a feature that has functions such as checking all applications already installed to certify the user that no virus is acting on the system. Another function is related to scanning for new installations, if they are infected, scanner components block the installation.

Images of a shield and exclamation marks over a triangle indicate, respectively, all right and attention.

Android Police

However, the discovery of Android Police does not mean that the feature is already working, on the contrary, it seems that the information from a scanner seems to be in the code for future updates of the Google Play Store. But it demonstrates the search giant's concern to avoid future problems with malicious software, not just in the market, but on the Android platform as a whole.

The feature working in conjunction with the well-known Bouncer, which protects your device from viruses coming from applications downloaded from the Google Play Store, thus does not protect against malware delivered from legitimate websites.

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