Google will remove crime scene from Google Maps


A few days ago, an image on Google Maps caused apprehension after a parent went public to ask Google to remove a satellite image from Google Maps in which it shows a man lying by the train tracks.

In an interview with CET, Jose Barrera claims that the image shows his son Kevin, found dead near some tracks in the city of Richmond, California. The image was recorded by Google satellites in August 2009.

Due to the nature of the matter, Barrera asked Google to remove the images immediately. In response, Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps, confirmed that an update is in progress:

“Our hearts are with this young boy’s family. Since the media commented on the image, we are looking at technical solutions to the issue. Google has never accelerated the replacement of satellite imagery for our maps before, but given the circumstances, we want to make an exception in this case. We believe we can update in eight days and we have been talking to the family to let them know that we are working hard for the update, ”said McClendon.