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Google will join Chrome OS and Android to launch system for notebooks and computers

Google told The Wall Street Journal that Chrome OS and Android will soon be the same system. According to reports, the "Montain View Giant" has decided to unify the platforms as Android has an incredible mass of users and would reduce the need for two mobile operating systems and desktop / notebooks.

Google has decided to merge two of its popular platforms, Android and Chrome OS into one system, check it out.

Google will join Android with Chrome OS

Google may be more serious about desktops

Google has revealed to "The Wall Street Journal"Chrome OS and Android will soon be the same system. According to the information, the" Montain View giant "has decided to unify the platforms, since Android already has an incredible mass of users and this would decrease the need to have two operating systems for mobile devices and desktop / notebooks.

The combination of these platforms will bring some challenges for the company, some adjustments to Android's own interface will be needed, as well as modifications on Google Play to make both run properly on mainstream computers; It is very likely that the "Chromebook" brand will also be changed to reflect the new design.

It is possible that we have a preview of the news in this segment already in 2016 at Google I / O, that the event where Google usually reveal its news, and the launch of the new platform should only occur in 2017.

Google is yet another company that is seeing the benefits of device unification, as are Canonical and Microsoft, although it was with Canonical and Ubuntu that ideas and unification projects between devices began, Microsoft and Google. two companies with much more money to implement these projects faster.

Would you use Android in your computer?

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