Google vai permitir que desenvolvedores acelerem o hardware de dispositivos Wear OS

Google will allow developers to accelerate the hardware of Wear OS devices

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  • Google will allow developers to accelerate hardware on their Wear OS-equipped devices
  • Smartwatches can improve their transition screens, run smoother and avoid crashes
  • Battery life can also be improved
  • This feature is still in development, but should appear in an update soon.

The Xda-Devlopers website identified new features in the operating system Wear OS. Smartwatches equipped with the Google tero s systemsupport for lightweight watchfaces. Developers will be able to do hardware acceleration of your smart watches. This new functionality is still under development, but it should appear in an update soon.

Watchfaces are home screens that are placed on the clock. They manage to transform the entire wearable interface. The most classic use digital hands that imitate the real ones. There are also a number of other possibilities, which are usually already pre-installed at the factory. This gives users limited options for these possibilities. In some cases, the screen transitions are difficult to make, showing slowness.

THE Wearable Support Library version 2.7.0, will allow developers to use the hardware acceleration for your smartwatch screens. So far, only Wear OS applications they can benefit from acceleration, but the system itself cannot be changed. This limits the possibilities of use, which could be vastly improved.


This is the updated version of the watch that won two awards for its design in 2019

The main advantage of this system that being It is possible to accelerate the GPU present in the wearables. The results for customers are better rendering of the user interface, in addition to animations and, or, transitions with higher frame rates. This goes make the experience more fluid and with less crashes.

It will be the developers' responsibility to adjust the watchfaces. Thus, manufacturers will be able to enjoy the smoothest animations, making smooth transitions. THE battery life can also be slightly improved with the new function.

Google's Wear OS operating system doesn't get as much attention as other systems. At updates are rarer and several problems are still not solved or improved. THE Apple, in turn, invests a lot in the complete experience in its devices, bringing greater integration and more practical functionalities. For this reason, it presents further improvements in its own system.

Google does not bring in frequent improvements due to low customers of your system. There are still few manufacturers that adhere to the technology giant's Wear OS, which discourages frequent improvement. Despite this, updates are occasionally issued to customers. The mentioned option is expected to be launched soon.

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Via: Xda-developers, GSMArena. [TagsToTranslate] wearos