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Google wants to reach emerging market with low cost mobile phone

Google's new project aims to bring Android to markets with lower purchasing power

Google targets emerging market with a project called Android One, come know a little more about it.

Google Android One
Image: Repoduo

The low cost Android

During the I / O event held every year in California for industry developers, Google presented a project called Android One. It consists of a series of Android-based devices, which will initially sell for a maximum of $ 100. There are about 1 billion users likely to be reached by the measure, which would expand the market, further enabling the development of the platform. This ambitious goal was underscored by Android Vice President Sundai Pichai, who did not tell us, however, which version of the system would be installed on mobile phones.

The initial forecast is that the first devices will be on the market by November. The initial target is India, where manufacturers Micromax, Spice and Karbonn have already started working on product development, along with Google.

One of the smartphones has 4.5 inch screen, FM radio and will be compatible with 2 chips. The initial promise is that it will be possible to receive updates to the operating system just like most modern phones.

Google Android One
Photo: Reproduction

And Brazil does not seem to want to be left out of this market trend. You don't have to hit the corner or seine to get a good phone. which promises the Positivo S380, which is presented to the market for the value of 300 reais.

Featuring Android 4.4, it is dual chip and has 3.2 MP rear camera with flash and VGA front, plus a 1 GHz dual core processor. The screen is 3.5 inches (low resolution). It can run the most common apps Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp and supports memory card.

For initial and basic users, a choice that is fully compatible with slightly less demanding needs. It comes in a market range that would hardly buy a more sophisticated IPhone or Galaxy, but also deserves to be respected and met.