Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay: What You Need to Know

With the release of new versions of the iPhone, Apple also announced the Apple pay. The service drew a lot of attention for introducing for the first time the NFC technology on their smartphones, feature available for Android users since 2011. Taking advantage of the occasion, I decided to compare the Google Wallet and Apple Pay services and take some questions that hang in the air about the two payment services via app.

Google Wallet Apple Pay
Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay: Who Copied Who? / Google, Apple, ANDROIDPIT

What is Google Wallet?

Wallet is the mobile payment system developed by Google in 2011, and allows users to store credit and loyalty cards. Using the service you can make payments and transfers between Wallet accounts. The Touch and Pay feature was welcomed by the community with much anticipation, but the lack of support from stores and the small number of partners led Wallet to stay out of Google's app ecosystem development.

Google wallet
Using the "Tap and Pay" feature you can use your smartphone's NFC technology and pay for your products without the need for credit cards. / ANDROIDPIT

What does Apple Pay?

The Apple Pay electronic payment system also allows users to make payments using the iPhone or Apple Watch using the credit card banner. Like Google Wallet, the system leverages NFC from apple gadgets to perform transactions.

Apple pay
Using Apple Pay you can make NFC payments at stores that support the service. / Apple

Differences and similarities

Google Wallet
Apple pay
Released May 2011 Released September 2014
It works completely in the USA, and to a limited extent in Brazil and in different countries. It works only in the US, but the idea is to offer service to the rest of the world.
It has its own card and deducts from the user's card the value Use your card banner
Save data from all transactions you make Do not save transaction data
Can be used on smartphones and computers. Can be used on smartphones and smartwatches.


During the iPhone 6 announcement event, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that every day in the United States only, credit cards are used 200 million times. In addition, he called this current payment process "quite outdated." Well, in a way, I agree with him, nowadays we take the phone everywhere, and relying on a mobile payment system would be a natural evolution that, unfortunately, Google keeps going wrong.

In the end, the truth is that Apple built on the service developed by Big G and, as always, improved it. In the case of the feature launched by the iOS developer, the user is in first place, as he can use his gadgets to complete payments privately. Already Google Wallet account is linked to a service focused on collecting payment data. Perhaps with a major competitor such as Apple, Google has set aside its private data collection and sale service for the benefit of users.

And a, I'm curious to know what you think of the two services. Which one would best fit your daily life and why? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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